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Free Flexibility 111 Classes for members

[Posted: 31 Mar 2017]


Improve your flexibility and learn how to effectively warm up and stretch before your workout with free Flexibility 111 classes.

A good warm up and stretch is an essential part of your exercise regime.

A well-stretched muscle can comfortably reach its full range of motion which then maximises the full benefits of your workout.

Activities that lengthen and stretch muscles can also help prevent injury, back pain and balance issues.

You can apply the stretching skills learnt in these sessions to help get you moving in the morning or relax after a long day.

The lunchtime classes are free for all fitness members to participate in.

Classes will be held in the stretching area of the Fitness Centre and run for 30 minutes.

Instructors will guide and teach participants throughout the session.

Class runs twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays from 12.10 pm to 12.40 pm from Monday 10 April to Friday 12 May 2017.


Fitness instructor Faiz demonstrating flexibility with the scorpion stretch.