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Curtin Stadium program prepares university graduates for success

[Posted: 9 Nov 2016]


2016 Graduate assistants Hannah, Anthony and Zoe.

The Curtin Stadium graduate program offers recent university graduates the opportunity to gain real industry experience and set them on the right track to a successful career after their studies.

The program was introduced in 2015 with two sports graduate assistants and the application process is currently underway to hire three new graduate assistants in 2017 after the 2016 graduates finish.

Working fulltime for 9.5 months, the graduates have the opportunity to develop a number of skills, increase their employability and learn what it's like working in their chosen field of study.

The past 2015 graduates and the current 2016 graduates finishing now have all been employed in the sports industry, proving the program is worthwhile as a stepping stone into the industry.

Hear from the three 2016 graduates about their experience as they reflect on their final week in the program:

Anthony Macri - Sports Graduate Assistant

"The Curtin Stadium graduate program has allowed me to understand what it takes to work in the sports industry. 

Having a mentor such as  Michael to guide me every step of the way has been extremely beneficial for my personal and professional development.

I have been able to assist in the coordination of the evening social sports program as well as start up my own lunchtime social sport program, run the housing cup competition and be involved with the Western Uni games and Australian Uni games.

I have been extremely lucky to have been a part of this program and will forever be grateful for the opportunity.

The skills and experience I have gained from this program has allowed me to gain employment for when the program finishes.

I would like to thank Curtin Stadium, the sport department and in particular Michael for his patience and guidance throughout the year."

Zoe Bell - Sports Graduate Assistant

"I have been fortunate enough to take part in the Curtin Stadium Graduate program over the last 9 months.

It has been a rollercoaster of a ride, but what I have been able to develop and achieve will stay with me for a lifetime.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Curtin Stadium and feel it is the best experience to have fresh out of University.

This opportunity provides you with all different elements that you will need for future employment and the staff here allow you to prepare for that.

I thank Curtin Stadium and my boss Philippa Baker for giving me the opportunity as a Sport Graduate Assistant as I feel I am now ready to take what I have learnt into future employment offers." 

Hannah Mclay - Events Graduate Assistant

"In 2016 a new position was created in the events & marketing department at Curtin Stadium.

I was lucky enough to fill this 9.5 month position that aims at developing recent graduates in the workplace.
This role includes writing contracts for clients, working with clients to ensure that their event runs successfully as well as quoting clients for their events.

My highlight from the position was working with the Indonesian Consulate to arrange a large family fun day to celebrate the Indonesian Independence day.

 This was my first large client and with the help of my manager I was guided and challenged whilst executing a successful day for the community.

This role has challenge me as I work with numerous clients to ensure that each weekend the client hosts a successful event at Curtin Stadium.

This challenge has now built my skills in time management and the importance of being organised.

I have now gained the appropriate skills I need for my next job and I thank the Curtin Stadium team especially my manager, Lisa for the guidance, training and mentoring."

Sports graduates