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PAEDS program a great success for a special five-year-old

[Posted: 3 Aug 2016]

Kai and James



Hear from one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists and the story of Kai, a participant in the PAEDS physical activity program at Curtin Stadium:


"Kai first started with us at Curtin Stadium 10 months ago with left sided Legg-Calves-Perthes disease (LCPD).


This rare, idiopathic, self-limiting disease is a result of decreased bloody supply to the feromal head leading to avascular necrosis.


In a small percentage of those with LCPD, there is a bilateral presentation.


Shortly after Kai's initial consult with us, he had follow up X-Rays which revealed he was developing LCPD of his right femoral head as well.


Kai's school teacher noticed he grew agitated when asked to sit cross-legged on the mat.


This lead to further investigation.


At the time, Kai was four years old and an active and adventurous boy, but was told he was no longer able to run, jump and kick.


Due to the varying presentation of LCPD, there are no consistent and reliable guidelines for treatment and management.


From a musculoskeletal point of view, we have been aiming to improve Kai's hip range of motion, particularly into abduction.


We have aimed to keep Kai moving as much as possible in his pain-free range of movement whilst avoiding high impact activities to reduce pain and stiffness.


Kai is now five years old and through our PAEDS program, we have been able to prevent secondary delays in several of Kai's fundamental movement skills.


He has become a confident modified basketball goal shooter, baseball hitter, ten-pin bowler and his throwing and catching skills are progressing ahead of his age group.


Kai has been given the opportunity to develop these skills in a safe environment under the care of an AEP and an EP student.


We are optimistic that at the resolution of the disease, Kai will have the confidence and acquisition of skills to excel in playground activities."


To find out more about the PAEDS program visit our website or contact Rebecca Morony via email at or by phone 9266 3304.