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Once upon a time...the story of C U Fit Outdoors

[Posted: 13 Mar 2018]

cu fit

Just like the seasons, there are always times when changes take place.

This is the story of our outdoor training program “C U Fit Outdoors”. Originally called “Bootcamp”, this program has now taken on a more inviting name that is relevant with our identity as a fitness program associated with Curtin University.

The concept behind this program is to utilise themes where a fitness goal can be achieved and measured. Our first round was a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style training and our current round being Circuit style training. Not only are these themes suitable for those looking for a great workout, it is also fun and functional. For each round there is a challenge that is specific to the theme and a prize for the person that can improve on their initial attempt of that challenge.

So what are the other benefits of the program?

- Each session is planned and periodised to continually improve participants’ fitness level over the round.
- All programs are designed by Tertiary qualified fitness staff.
- Fun and functional exercises that are utilised to help you.
- Each session has a highly qualified fitness instructor who is there to guide and push you through the workout.
- Affordable for all, with prices from as little as $9.50 per session.
- Training outside in the fresh air and on green grass while the sun rises over the buildings on campus or watch as the sun sets over the pine trees.
The greatest thing about the program is the overall flexibility offered for session times, payment methods and participation levels. 
- We offer sessions six days of the week from Monday to Saturday during early mornings and late afternoons in order to suit staff, students and community members.
- You have the option to do between 1 to 3 sessions a week (or even more if you are up to it!).
- Cannot commit to the whole round? We have 10 pack options which you can use during the year.
- Cannot do an exercise that is shown by the instructor? That’s not a problem as we are able to adapt and offer you an alternative that provides similar benefits.

Come down to one of the sessions during this first week of our second round and give it a try for free!
Check out our website to find any further details or email the program coordinator Faiz if you have any further questions on how to try for free.

Contact Faiz Yaacob: