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Caley Reece

Caley Reece visits Curtin Stadium

[Posted: 9 Mar 2015]

Caley Reece is a six time World Champion when it comes to Kickboxing. In her recent visit to Curtin Stadium during RecFest in Orientation, we had a chat about her achievements and what to expect in the Muay Thai and Women's Kickboxing for Fitness, run by Curtin Experiences.

Caley, tell me what made you start kickboxing?
Initially I was overweight. I went down to my local aquatic centre with my friend and started kickboxing. I actually broke my hand on the first lesson so had to have three months off. From the first lesson I knew straight away that I really enjoyed it and I wanted to continue so I had to wait that three months for my hand to heal then I went back.
What kind of rush does it give you when you compete?
I like challenging myself all the time. People say that it’s a big rush, and it is, but you have to learn to control it otherwise you get totally "bamboozled" with feelings and emotions so you need to keep a clear mind.
Do you meditate? What do you do to calm your mind?
Initially when I first started fighting, it was pretty bad. From my first fifteen fights I used to sit home on the couch and my hands would sweat and my feet would sweat. Now I do a lot of stuff with a sports psychologist and I’ve learnt to do a lot of imagery and visualisation work and learnt to turn my adrenalin into a calm energy. You have to learn to channel it in the right ways.
Your husband Darren is your coach, is that right?
Yeah he is.
How do you work together and live together?
We started as trainer and student to begin with, so from the very first day I had that respect that ‘he is my trainer’ so anything he says, I do because he is my trainer. He’s had 73 fights, he’s lived in Thailand, he’s trained in Thailand, he’s got the experience and I can’t argue with that. People always say “how do you guys work together and live together” and, well he’s my best mate. We just do.
Have you ever kicked him in the head?!
(laughs).. I don’t know how many years ago now, probably about six or seven, we actually sparred together and he jabbed me, and I cried. We just looked at each other and we were like, yeah I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’s one of those emotional connections we’ve got together but it (sparring) wasn’t working like that. 
What would be your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement, I get this question a lot and I feel like I should say it’s ‘this world title or that world title’ but it’s not, it’s just my journey to the top, the whole thing combined together and where I’ve got is my greatest achievement.
What can people expect when they do a Curtin Experiences Muay Thai Kickboxing class?
There are so many different aspects to this sport, you can do it for fitness which is predominantly what people do it for, and then there’s the 10 or 15 percent that want to compete. People don’t have to come and fight and they don’t have to expect to be sparring and doing grappling and all that kind of stuff. Most of the classes are fitness based for people of all ages. Fitness, cardio, respect, confidence and strength.

Women's Kickboxing for Fitness starts this week! If you missed out, contact Michaela at Curtin Stadium to get your name on the list for the next round.