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Matt Munns

Curtin student competes in World University Weighlifting Championships

[Posted: 30 Jan 2015]

It’s a tough gig finding the balance between being a university student and self-funded athlete competing at an international level.

Curtin Agribusiness student and World University weightlifting champion Matt Munns managed to compete at the 2014 World University Weightlifting Championships in Thailand with the support and funding from Curtin Stadium’s Elite Athlete coordinator and Curtin’s Elite Athlete Fund.

Matt previously competed at world championship events in Guatemala and Peru in the 77kg class and really enjoyed the competition and meeting like-minded people from other parts of the world.

Despite being injured, Matt placed 9 out of 15 and hopes to do even better in this year’s championships in Mexico so he can then qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Matt said he would never have had the opportunity to compete in the world championships without the support of the Elite Athlete Program and program coordinator Tarryn Dickerson.

“For anyone who takes their sport seriously, I would highly recommend applying for the Curtin Elite Athlete Program and scholarship and attending university if you do not already, as I have found the structure fits in really well with my training demands,” he said.

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