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Get Loud logo Arlo Holder was diagnosed with a hearing impairment when he was one day old. He attends sessions with a speech pathologist through Telethons Speech and Hearing (TSH). Arlo is just one of many children in WA who are supported by TSH.

GET LOUD at Curtin

[Posted: 20 Sep 2016]

The first time your new born baby hears your voice is something a parent can often take for granted. For many Australian families with hearing impaired children, this moment is one they will treasure forever. To watch the smile of a child when they hear their parents voice after living in a world of silence is something really special. 

The provision of auditory-verbal technology and the support services provided to families with hearing impaired children around Western Australia is funded by charities including Telethons Speech and Hearing - Get LOUD. This is a not-for-profit organisation which teaches children with hearing and speech and language impairments, to listen and speak. The funds raised from Get LOUD make a huge difference to the families and children who attend Telethon Speech and Hearing. The money raised enables the provision of paediatric auditory-verbal and implantable technology and intensive therapy services to over 14,000 children and families each year. 

Curtin University is proud to be a major partner of Telethon’s Speech and Hearings GET LOUD campaign and would love for you to get involved!

How can you help?

You can help give the gift of sound and speech to WA kids this September to 12 October by getting loud with Curtin. Support this fundraising initiative by wearing your loudest, brightest and boldest outfit to raise awareness, or by providing a donation at one of the designated areas around Curtin. You can even host your own Get LOUD event such as a morning tea or lunch! To register an event online, please go to