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The Benefits of Boxing

[Posted: 11 Jul 2016]

If you aren't a fan of indoor aerobic exercises or working out in a gym but love outdoor high energy and calorie burning sports such as surfing, footy, hiking or paddling, the winter months can often put a hold on your training. 

One of the highest calorie burning indoor sports that is growing in popularity around Perth is boxing. Not only is boxing a great way to keep fit and healthy, the amount of session time required to burn those calories is a lot lower than many other popular outdoor sports and activities which can suit your busy lifestyle if you are finding you often have time restraints or want to fit in a quick workout session. 

This sport is very therapeutic and a great way of relieving stress or tension built up from everyday life. It also a great confidence boosting activity especially for teenagers or adults who may feel insecure or self-conscious. This sport is especially growing in popularity with women, who once may have avoided such activities due to the industry being once mainly male dominated. Whilst boxing may call for a strong posture, physical fitness, strength and endurance is built up over time through repetition of movements.

Boxing is a fantastic core workout concentrating on the abdominal region. Many of the skills learnt encompass trunk/torso movements which will help to strengthen and define your abdominal muscles. A 60 minute boxing class will burn around 660 to 700 calories! 

Does this sound like a sport for you? Whilst most gyms and boxing studios will provide gloves and straps, which provide protection and encourage hygiene, for your sessions, it is definitely a worthwhile investment to purchase your own set. You can pick up a pair of inexpensive gloves or straps at most sports stores. For those wanting to take the sport to the next level, it is always beneficial to have a chat to your local boxing club or gym before investing in a pair of gloves.  

There are many different types of boxing styles out there. If you are wanting to concentrate on specific areas of your body to build up strength, for example - legs - you may want to try Muay Thai or Kickboxing which go beyond punches and dodges and incorporate kicks into the routines. 

No matter what fitness level you are, boxing is such a fun and beneficial sport! If you need more convincing you should try out a class or two. The results you will see and feel even after a month of training will have you coming back for more! 

If you have any questions or would like to try a Muay Thai or Kickboxing class at Curtin Stadium, or chat to a boxing guru, contact Elisa Chamelete at Curtin Stadium or head down to check out a class. 

Happy training!