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Personal trainer goes the extra mile

[Posted: 23 May 2016]


Fitness training with a personal approach

Winnie Pong

English may be her second language and she may not have a background in Human Biology or Anatomy, but Winnie Pong has defied all challenges to become an extraordinary Personal Trainer at Curtin Stadium.

Winnie became a Certified Personal Trainer just four years ago and has already built a reputation for being an exceptional trainer known for seeing real results in her clients and going that extra step to ensure their goals are achieved.

She has a thirst for knowledge of all things fitness and never stops developing skills and learning new techniques, programs and training methods.

Keeping ahead in the fitness industry and constantly expanding her knowledge has helped Winnie train a variety of different clients, all with very unique goals.

She has trained a bride-to-be to prepare for her wedding day and also helped a woman who had barely exercised before pass her fitness test to get into the police force.

A man who wanted to increase his strength and could benchpress 40kg in his initial session with Winnie, can now benchpress 90kg.

Winnie says her motivation comes from seeing her clients start from zero and achieve their goals, no matter what they may be.

"My own personal goal is to help every single person to achieve their own goal," she says.  

Winnie's impressive CV now includes a Diploma in Fitness making her a Specialist Exercise Trainer and allowing her to work even better with a wider variety of clients.

She also has the following qualifications:

  • Fitness Australia Exercise Professional Registration Level 2
  • Diploma of Fitness
  • Certificate IV of Fitness
  • Certificate III of Fitness
  • Accreditation Advanced First Aider and CPR
  • Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise and AB Rehab Trainer
  • ThumpBoxing Level 1 & Advance Trainer
  • Fundamentals of Barbell & Powerbag Exercise Training
  • Fundamentals of Kettlebell and Battle Rope Training
  • Crankit Essential and Advance Suspension Exercise Training
  • Metafit Bodyweight (HIIT) coaching

What do Winnie's personal training clients have to say about her?

"When I first came to Curtin Stadium's gym I couldn't even run for 10 minutes but after training with Winnie I have increased my stamina and I can now run 4km in 30 minutes!" - Nur Aimima Izyan Che Ibrahim

"I first started training with Winnie in September 2014. I needed to improve my fitness dramatically (and quickly) in order to pass an employment fitness test and Winnie stepped into help.

Right from the outset, Winnie was different to other trainers I'd had in the past. Rather than adopting a 'one size fits all' approach to my workouts like other trainers had done, Winnie listened to what I needed and researched what I need to achieve to pass my fitness test. She had clear goals in mind for me and every time I trained she had a clipboard and meticulously recorded my workout. She paid particular attention to my form and remained completely focussed for the entire hour. She kept me focussed when I was flagging too. She introduced me to free weights, interval training and a whole host of other things that I came to enjoy. I would never have had the confidence to try a deadlift or a bench press before I met Winnie.

Winnie pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. It wasn't an easy journey and I certainly couldn't have done it without Winnie. I passed my fitness test and I feel fitter and stronger than ever.

If you are serious about achieving something in your training and want a trainer who will push you to improve, I couldn't recommend anyone higher than Winnie Pong." - Helen Crowther

"I found working with Winnie to be a very positive training experience. She is encouraging and dynamic, always looking for ways to keep you motivated and engaged. She drives you hard but through encouragement, not shouting or bullying, recognising that trainer and client work as a team.

She helps you to find your limits, but not to exceed them.

She varies the routines to keep it interesting and to ensure all of your body is being worked over your cycle. Winnie helped me come back from a shoulder injury, always mindful of the deficit while introducing graduated exercises to strengthen the muscles and build up the joints.  

Winnie is enthusiastic, personable, energetic, considerate and thorough. I happily went up from two to three sessions a week after I was reassigned to her from another trainer and I even switched to mornings (not my natural time!) in order to ensure we could train together. I would still be training with Winnie had I not moved back over East for work. I recommend her unreservedly to anyone serious about improving their strength and fitness, and enjoying a friendly interaction with a great trainer while they do so." - John Byron

"When I started training with Winnie almost two years ago, I had no idea I could ever reach the level of fitness I am at now.

I started training once per week with Winnie and had loose goals around toning up, losing weight and getting fitter for the upcoming hockey season but I was just looking for a bit of a general fitness boost and some motivation.

Before I knew it I was training three times a week with Winnie and was more determined than ever to achieve new goals of becoming faster, stronger and fitter.

My entire perspective of fitness changed as Winnie exposed me to a range of exercises and activities I had never experienced before.With Winnie I am now squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing and increasing my weights all the time and I feel stronger than I have ever been. I was always afraid of the free weights area and some of the resistance machines due to lack of knowledge but Winnie helped ease my nerves and made me feel confident using all of the equipment.

I often like to mix up my routine as things become too familiar and so always seemed to be swapping between gym workouts, group fitness, boot camps and other exercises before I started PT, but with Winnie I have never felt this way.

She thinks really carefully and plans my program and it is always different and focuses on different parts of my body. When training for the hockey season she would adjust the program to prepare me for playing, and when I injured my knee she adjusted the exercises to help me still train, and also increase strength to reduce the chance of future injuries. She pushes me really hard and doesn't let me give up, and she somehow still manages to make the sessions fun!

Personal training with Winnie has done more for me than increase my level of fitness and increased the amount of weight I can carry, it has made me connect and understand my body more. I've also learnt how powerful the mental health benefits of exercise are. By the end of every workout, no matter what my mood was before starting, I always feel more energetic and more positive.

Winnie has become more than just a trainer to me but also a friend and is truly an extraordinary person. She never stops learning new things and never gives up on you. She has helped me become the best and fittest version of myself and it wouldn't have been possible without our training sessions.

I would recommend anyone to train with Winnie no matter what your goal is. I'm confident that the end result will exceed your expectations, just as it has done for me." - Lisa