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prac students Current placement students Alyssa and Tayla.

Curtin Stadium helps students prepare for the workforce

[Posted: 29 Apr 2016]

Curtin students get some real life experience

Curtin Stadium hosts over 20 practicum placement students across varying disciplines of study each year.

These students develop a range of skills including taking girth measurements, creating training programs, applying modifications, spotting techniques, assisting with exercise-related queries from clients and conducting fitness appraisals.

Students conduct their placement under the wing of the Accredited Exercise Physiologists in the Fitness Centre at Curtin Stadium.

They are required to conduct 140 hours of practicum work demonstrating and supervising exercise within healthy populations.

Curtin Stadium takes two students in 10 week blocks each to allow them to complete their 140 hours, and takes up to 5 blocks per year.

Third year Bachelor of Science in Exercise, Sport and Rehabilitation Science student Alyssa said she has been enjoying applying theoretical knowledge in her placement.

"Starting my practicum placement at first was daunting, but now it has made me more confident in my own skills and I am now excited to enter the workforce," she said.

"It has also allowed me to apply what I have learned in my degree to real life situations." 

"I am not even half way through my placement and have already learnt so much.

All the staff have been challenging me in a variety of ways, so there really isn't a day where I don't learn something new."

Practicum placements are arranged through unit coordinators.

Visit the Curtin Stadium website to find out more about Exercise Physiology at Curtin.